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Al-Nabeel Group

Since 1996


The marble blocks produced by us are widely used in residential and commercial buildings. High in demand, these have long lasting lustre and wear resistance.

Moreover, these are available in different colours like beige, white, black and rose-beige. We have a strong position in mining and trading of marble blocks.

Our intricate mining process and strict controls meet international quality standards.

Limestone Chips and Powders

Al Nabeel Group of companies is a step ahead from its competitors in processing and supplying a huge range of limestone chips and powder.

We have two sites for limestone mining, one is in Sur in the Sultanate of Oman and the other in Africa. Our products are known for their fine texture and high quality. They are available in various shapes and sizes to meet the demands and needs of customers.

We supply in grades suitable for the cement, steel and pharmaceutical industries.  Paired with its strength, durability and practicality, crushed limestone has also become the material for landscaping, home-improvement and construction projects.


In line with the requirement of various clients, we supply excellent variety of legitimate rough diamonds. These diamonds are generally requested by diamond processing specialists.

Fabulous in quality, our precious stones are offered in different types and are very much in demand.

Other Services

Marble Consultancy Services

Site Management Services

Diamond Testing Services

Exploration Services

Marble & Diamond Inspection
and Sampling


For more details visit: www.alnabeelgroup.com

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