Locatexpert is a new way of rejuvenating and supporting small local businesses and communities through a web-based application. The larger project concept considers that many small businesses and people with wide variety of skills have immense potential, provided they are positioned in the local cultural and economic context. This project will try to integrate local skills in a way that life at the local level will be a lot more meaningful, socially and economically.

The project certainly employs ICT, but in a way that it also provides new opportunities to otherwise marginalized sections of the society – like women at home, older people and differently abled youngsters, to get engaged as local service providers and in other socio-economic activities, and will thus also, in a small way, facilitate inclusive economic growth.

Vision and mission

  • Vision: To be the model, a benchmark platform and leading brand for nurturing sustainable local businesses, skills and talents.
  • Mission: Harness the potential of ICT to gainfully connect small businesses and people in a local economy and at the same time enhance their global reach and visibility

This particular site is intended as a verified online repository of experts, consultants, technicians, lawyers, doctors, tax consultants, etc. and service providing firms, identifiable within the geographical area of a postal code around the world. The database will be populated purely based on invitation by existing members or verified by a local contact point. Rating and reviews by users, internship and voluntary work opportunities, listing of need for services, etc. will all form part of this portal as we develop this over the months.


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